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The Ensemble

FluxEnsemble joins the cast of creative music projects in the artistically-rich Pioneer Valley. With repertoire ranging from the Baroque to the contemporary, Flux is part chamber orchestra, part chamber music. The ever-changing make up of this group reflects a new approach to concert programs, diversifying out of the traditional orchestral repertoire in order to include pieces for smaller groups or soloists within the same program. The intention is to perform under-played works that do not usually conform to a typical orchestra’s size or personnel. Included in the group’s mission is a desire to support local composers through commissioned works, with the idea that they can create for the combination of instruments featured on the program. The core members of Flux are professionals from the area who are then either augmented by additional players as needed, or pared down to accommodate particular pieces. The name of this ensemble not only describes its changing face and broad span of historical periods, but also reflects the idea of shared musical responsibility: while there is a conductor for many pieces, the musicians rotate principle seating positions on a per-concert basis and are expected to contribute to artistic decisions. FluxEnsemble performs for audiences who support local soloists and local composers, but most of all, for music lovers who desire to hear live performances of works often relegated to recordings.

Flux Ensemble serves adventurous audiences of the Pioneer Valley by performing concerts of rarely-performed works and new works of local composers, centering on programs arranged around instrumentation.
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